Minnesota Meteorites is a steadfast supporter of Education and our incredibly hard working teachers and support staff. For our small part, Minnesota Meteorites, in partnership with the University of Minnesota, has been inspiring learners with interactive, hands-on, cosmic history lessons in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa since 2014. We use the many clues meteorites provide to explore how our solar system formed, how meteorites shaped life on earth, and we look into the future to learn about plans to visit, and even mine asteroids in our lifetime. Students will be able to hold and examine hundreds of meteorites and each student will receive a meteorite they can keep. 

Presentations can be customized to run 30 to 90 minutes and are designed to provide age-appropriate learning from K-12th grade. 

Minnesota Meteorites also offers advanced presentations for college students, community and professional organizations. 

Presentations are free of charge. 

Please use the "contact us" tab to schedule a free presentation today. 

Craig Zlimen