Personal Collection

Anoka II, MN Iron 


Erg Chech 02 - the oldest lava in the solar system 

Glorieta Mountain Meteorite

Glorieta Mountain 

Gadamis 04 Apollo Lunar Meteorite

Gadamis 04 "Apollo" Lunar 

Imilac pallasite meteorite


Slice of Jikharra 01 meteorite with visible vesicles

Jikharra 01 with vesicles

Slice of Mars Lherzolite meteorite

Martian Lherzolite

Slice of Mt. Dooling iron meteorite

Mt. Dooling Iron

NWA 5549 meteorite

NWA 5549

NWA 5549 silicated iron meteorite

NWA 5549 

Slice of NWA 15923, eucrite melt meteorite

NWA 15923, Eucrite Melt

NWA 16311 eucrite melt meteorite

NWA 16311, Eucrite Melt

Peekskill 1992 Car Hammer Meteorite on a stand with a picture of the damaged car and the car's owner

Peekskill 1992 Car Hammer

Sylacauga- Only known person to be hit by a meteorite

Sylacauga- only known person to have been struck by a meteorite

Weston meteorite from the 1807 fall in a framed box with certification

 Weston Fall of 1807- the first witnessed meteorite fall in the United States